Golden Florin AWARD

Sponsored by the Center for Microwave Remote Sensing (Ce.Te.M.) jointly with the IEEE GRSS

Call for Nominations

The Golden Florin (Fiorino d’Oro) Award is presented every second year to individuals, who, throughout their career, made outstanding contributions to research in Passive Microwave Remote Sensing.

The Award consists of an exact gold reproduction of the old golden florin, the coin first minted in Italy by the Florentine Republic in 1252, and a certificate. The award was established in 1995 by the Center for Microwave Remote Sensing (Ce.Te.M.).

Both national and international nominations are welcome. Nominees must be members of IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS). Previous nominees not selected as recipients may be re-nominated for future awards. An individual award recognizes distinguished achievements in the scientific and technical contributions to microwave radiometry in remote sensing.

The GOLDEN FLORIN Award Committee makes every effort to ensure that information submitted via the nomination process is handled in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Law. We encourage all contact information associated with the nomination to include only business contact information to the maximum extent possible. If you choose to provide personal information, we will use that information to process the nomination or to fulfill the stated purpose of the communication. Information submitted is not used for commercial marketing.

Quality of Nomination: You as nominator obviously believe that your candidate is worthy to receive the particular award for which you are nominating him/her. Therefore, it is up to you, through the quality of your documentation, to assist the Award Committee, in viewing the achievements of your candidate as you do.

The importance of the quality of the nomination itself, and of the supporting endorsement letters, cannot be overemphasized. The nomination and endorsements should be as specific, accurate, and complete as possible. It is imperative that the true merits of your candidate be conveyed through this information. Keep in mind that in some cases those involved in the selection process may have no personal knowledge of the candidate and will lean heavily on the documentation for the information they need to make reasonable judgments.

Recipients of the Golden Florin Award up to 2022:

Erwin Schanda (University of Bern, Switzerland), Dick Moore (University of Kansas, USA), Gianni d'Auria (in memoriam) (University of Rome, La Sapienza, Italy), Tom Schmugge (USDA, Maryland, USA), Anatolji Shutko (IRE-RAS, Moscow, Russia), Martti Hallikainen (Aalto University, Finland), Leung Tsang (Washington University, USA), Cal Swift (University of Massachusetts, USA), Ed Westwater (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA), David Le Vine (Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland, USA), Tom Jackson (USDA, Maryland, USA), Philip Rosenkranz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA), Niels Skou (National Space Institute, Technical University of Denmark), Jin Ya-Qiu (School of  Information Science and Technology, Fudan, China).

The 2022 Golden Florin (Fiorino Oro) was awarded to

Prof. Ya-Qiu Jin

For his significant contributions to modeling, simulation and information retrievals of
electromagnetic scattering and vector radiative transfer of natural media and applications to
passive microwave remote sensing of the Earth and planetary.

The Golden Florin will be awarded at MicroRad 2024 in Washington DC area