MicroRad is an international specialistic conference on the topic of microwave radiometry for remote sensing of the environment and global satellite Earth monitoring. It is the most important specialist meeting on the subject and represents a forum where over 200 scientists from all over the world report their most recent results. This discipline has recently had a strong boost due to its characteristics of allowing a global and continuous observation of our planet. This is extremely important for improving our knowledge of the Earth system and in particular for the study of geophysical processes such as desertification and ice melting which are important indices for estimating climate variations, but also for monitoring conditions of natural risk and anthropic.

The microwave radiometry community presents at this meeting new research results and instrument designs in the field of remote sensing of land, ocean and atmosphere. Main topics are the following:

Theory of microwave radiometry

Inversion of radiometric data

Radiometric observations of the atmosphere

Polarimetric radiometry and applications

Novel Radiometric imaging systems

Observation from advanced satellite systems 

Potential new applications for climate and global change

New technological development

Anticipated radiometric missions

The next MicroRad Symposium will be held in 2024 in Washington DC area